18 July, 2011

So what if I didn't lose an eye!

I have a bloody big scar on my nose!!!
A lovely friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, recently cut her nose very badly.  She had left a stanley knife on top of a ladder, bumped the ladder, forgotten to retract blade and . .  . . . blood, snot and tears everywhere. Tomorrow the doctor will hopefully take the big plaster off and replace it with a little one but there will be a scar.
Now for the funny bit.  Why is it when something like that happens to us we don't keep thinking 'phew, could've lost an eye' but instead think 'I didn't lose a bloody eye and now I have a bloody big plaster and a scary nose'??
So instead of rejoicing at having two working eyes she is pissed off that she has a crappy nose. We're never happy are we??

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