17 July, 2011

Thinking back . . . . The Holiday List

So we didn't get to do EVERYTHING on the list but we did get to do a lot of it.  

If you get a chance go to the Forbidden Corner in Yorkshire.  Go.  It is fantastic.  The drive from Erdington was a bit mental (3+ hours) but it was oh so worth it.  It's quite hard to explain but basically it's a  labyrinth/castle/dungeon/mouse trap/maze/trip for the kids.  And me.  # 3 nearly shat himself when he saw how you entered the grounds, through a building that had both eyes, a tongue and that dangly bit that hangs in the back of your throat, the gag bit!?  This dangly bit whacks you on the head as you try and duck past it and then the building burps.  Seriously, #3 nearly had a nervous break down.  He also managed to set # 2 off and I think I nearly did a Homer Simpson and throttled #3 to try and calm him down???
We fell into water, got sprayed by things and got lost and were terrified by a cat!!  Poor mouses.  Go visit  it.  It's wonderful.
Yorkshire being such beautiful country makes it a pleasant drive too.
Oh, I said 'calm down head-the-ball' to # 3 and he was gutted.  "I do NOT have featherballs".  Whatever dude. Whatever.

Oh yeah, and when we had our picnic before going in we found these picnic tables near the lake and had our picnic surrounded by ducks.  SURROUNDED.  It was brilliant.  One of my favourite things are ducks.

Oh, oh, and Himself nearly got eaten by a tunnel.  I swear to God it was the funniest thing I have ever seen.  You go through all these doors and tunnels and follow clues and blah, blah but Himself decided to follow the kids up a tunnel.  It's bigger inside than on the outside.  But to get to the inside you have to start on the outside, right?  Well, it looked like the doorway was choking on him or trying to spit him out.  He obviously wasn't going to fit, from this side anyway, defo would've from the other side but the more he struggled the more I laughed and the more I cackled the more he struggled, giggled and stuck!

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