10 August, 2011


Just had the funniest afternoon ever.  Seriously.  Most mortifying afternoon too but more on that later.
Graham, Himself's brother, works for UPC and UPC were looking for kids for a website they're setting up, or something.  We're all a bit hazy on the details.  He asked if ours would like to do it and we said 'yeah, sure why not . . . . they get paid???', joking.  We didn't say the last bit.
We got to Clontarf Castle at just before one and hung around in the lobby for a bit before realising we should be downstairs.  There was myself, Himself and Graham.  And the lads.  #2 was feeling a bit anxious as is his wont and # 3 was already boooooooored.  #1 is a normal happy type chappy and therefore alright.
There were two mums with a number of girls with them and they went in ahead of us.  
Now, what we didn't realise was that the wall between us and the 'audition' room wasn't all that soundproofed.  God love guys in there.  We were all hyper giddy.  #3 was 'all that', in a hip swinging, I'm oh, so cool way and himself and #2 amused themselves for a while by wobbling Himself's face to make all sorts of noises.  It was quite funny actually, especially when they'd hold his nose every now and then and he'd practically gag.  A combination from not being able to catch his breath and laughing.
So. . .  they came in and got # 1 and Himself.  Which left me, Graham and the other two in a small conference room.  Nothing in it but a window, two table cloth covered tables, a bureau and a wardrobe thing.  We decided to play hide and seek.  Holy shit but it's amazing how much fun you can have in one small room.  One small, hot room.  I can't remember who hid under the small table in the corner, the one with the fruit and juice on it but I do remember pulling out a big shopping bag to see if anyone was hiding there.  No one was but there was a lot of jellies and raisins and oranges in that bag.  Happy days.
Found everyone and we all mooched around the bag.  GRAHAM said, 'mmm, sweets, cinema (we were going there later) and er, we er, kind've encouraged each other and before you knew it I had 3 oranges and 3 bags of jellies in my bag.  
More hide and seek, lots of laughing and a couple of kid changes along the way.  Eventually it was #3's turn and Graham went off to the loo.  Nos. 1 and 2 and myself noticed that one of the walls was a slide-y partition one and the three of us skooshed into the other room, shut the door and waited quietly.  
Graham came back into our room and realised that everyone was gone.  I don't know what he thought but am sure it was something along the lines of 'bastards, they left without me' so he went back outside to the girl who was registering everyone and asked if we'd left.  She looked at him strangely and said 'No one has left that room, sir'.  heheheh
He came back in, noticed partition and started to open the door.  He saw #1, who I sssshed and then when he stuck his head further into the room I grabbed him and scared the bejaysus out of him.  
Hilarity all around.  Myself and # 1 came back into the main room and waited while Graham tried to find # 2.  They found each other at the same time and the two of them let a roar.  They scared the bejaysus out of each other. 
Now remember, everyone in the next room can hear us hopping out of wardrobes and 'boo-ing' at each other.  Must have been so much fun trying to interview/cast kids with all that shite going on.
The other two are then brought in to sit with #3 and have another quick chat.  All are then brought back into me and Graham with Himself hot on their heels
Lauren:  "Hey guys, you were fantastic, I've got some sweets here for you" and she goes and rummages under      the table.
#3:  "Oh yeah, we know.  We found them when we were playing hide and seek and mammy put some in her bag".
Me and Graham:  Cackle.  Morto,  Seriouslywedidnottakesweetstookanorangedon'tliearthur.  Giggle,
Lauren:  "Kids!!"
# 3.  "No.  She did.  We all saw her!!!!"
Me.  "Oi!!  I took two oranges for the cinema, I hope you don't mind, do you know who this jacket belongs to? Arthur please stop it, you're embarrassing me.
Lauren:  .. . .  .?  "Yeah, open your bag" . . . "No, am only joking"
Me.  "Yeah, cars 2, can't wait"  "Gotta go.

All the while Himself is falling over from laughing.  The kids are still trying to hang me and Graham can't speak he's laughing so hard.

Don't care if they get the gig.  I got to have the best laugh I've had in a long time.  #3 is a dobby little shit though..  Oh, and me and Graham will never EVER manage to do any wrong.  The two of us blush furiously when under pressure.  


  1. Hahahaha, fantastic account there. Just LOL'd again at my desk in work....nobody around thankfully! not only was it such a great few hours but I was technically working so was also getting paid for it. Happy Days all round, ya thief!