09 August, 2011

Found photos and thought 'Pizza Recipe'

For the sauce you'll, roughly, need:
1 onion, finely chopped.
A jar of passatta, or a jar of Dolmio sauce or a tin or two of chopped tomatoes.
3 cloves of garlic
Good dash of Balsamic
Tsp. Sugar.
Salt and pepper to taste.
Then you:
It's very vague as I usually just throw into the pot whatever I can find in the cupboard.  Start by frying the onions until see through and soft in some olive oil, throw in garlic and stir for a moment or so.  Oh, and I do this in a pot not a pan!  Add the tomatoes, sugar and balsamic.  Bring to a simmer and allow to bubble away until thick enough, thick enough being . . . you know when you pull a spoon through a sauce and it leaves a clean line (Moses parting the red sea is what I'm thinking here)?  Well, that's thick enough.  Have a taste and salt and pepper.

For the Pizza Bases you'll need:
700g strong white flour.
1 rounded tsp salt.
1 tbsp sugar.
50g butter
15g packet fast acting yeast.
3 tbsp olive oil.
350-400ml lukewarm water.

Then you:
Place the flour, salt and sugar in a big mixing  bowl (I use my Kenwood with the Dough attachment.  Rub in the butter and add the yeast  and mix together. Make a well in the centre of your dry ingredients, add the oil and most of the warm water to make a loose dough.  Add more flour or water if you need to.
Remove bowl from mixer base (is using) and cover with a tea towel for five minutes.  Then back onto the mixer base and knead the dough for approx. 5 minutes (10 minutes if doing it by hand) or until the dough feels smooth and slightly springy.
Measure the dough into 12 equal balls of dough (I never EVER manage to do it equally but not that important), each weighing around 100g.  
Place the doughballs into/onto a dish and brush lightly with olive oil.  Cover with clingfilm, place in fridge for 30 minutes and . .  .   

Listen, if you can't wait 30 minutes don't fret - the dough still works.  Also, if you want to freeze the dough I've found that by adding an extra sachet of yeast means there is still some alive when you defrost the dough.  But if you do have 30 minutes you end up with this:
Now, the fun part.  Putting it all together.  Prepare whatever toppings you fancy, in our house it's always chedder, mozzarella. salami, tuna and anchovies.  Olives . . . whatever you fancy really.  The world is your lobster here.

Place a flat baking tray upside down in the oven, a hot oven - 250C, in my experience.
Then on a floured surface (semolina or fine polenta is best), roll each ball out into a disc, 10" is the biggest pizza we ever got.  
Put this dough onto a second, cool, upside down baking tray.  Spread the 
dough with your sauce and top with whatever you're having.

Slide the pizza off the cool tray onto the hot tray in the centre of the oven and cook for 5 - 10 minutes, it will depend on how hot the oven is and how thick you're pizza is, basically your pizza should be bubbling on top and golden underneath.  Serve and devour.

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