13 September, 2011


Tan (#2 under old system lol) is making his communion this year and this evening I went to the first meeting about it.  I really like Fr. F. and felt sad for him that he had to say 'I will never be alone with your child', I appreciated it but felt sad at the same time.  
What didn't make me sad but instead kind've pissed me off was Fr. F. saying that each and every first holy communion child would have their name put on a prayer card and given to a member of the church going community who would then pray for that child for the year.

There's a great scene in the West Wing which sprung to mind when this was said:

.......Can anyone report anything good?
600,000 Evangelicals are praying for me... so... we have that going for us.
LEO What the hell are yoy talking about?
It's true-- a guy gave me this card: "365 in Media."
Who are the others?
I don't know, let's see... "Hugh Hefner, Don Imus, Howard Stern..." all the late-night guys. This is... one, two, three... this is the Editorial Board of The New York Times. This isn't a good list, this is a list of people who are going to hell!
They're not praying for me because they like me! It's 'cause I'm doomed to eternal damnation!
Well, if you weren't, it'd be a waste of praying.
I'm not sure but I don't think a seven, nearly eight, year old needs around the year praying. Hmmmmm?
West Wing Source: Here

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