22 September, 2011

Sorry not been in touch

What a week.  What a fortnight!  Basically I've been sick for the past two weeks.  A cold turned into blech and then blech turned into a sinus infection and then migraine and then I got shouted at and . .yeah, what a week.
I seem to be attracting men, random people, who seem to think it's perfectly alright to scream and shout at me and tell me exactly what they think of me.
The first time, couple of weeks back, I was 'screamed' at via email.  Heart banging I replied and he screamed some more.  He then, man that he is, apologised by text. Twat. Not man enough to come to my door and shout at me and definitely not man enough to apologise for making my day/night fucking hell.  Bastard.
The next bloke is getting a cake off his wife for his birthday.  I needed a quick photo as the photos I had weren't good enough and when he saw me take a quick snap he was out like a flash, whereupon he started shouting at me, threatening and generally being unpleasant in my direction.
W.T.F???????????????????????  What is it with people these days that they are so angry?  Why can't they apologise when they realise they're in the wrong????  That's two men who have made me cry like a baby.  Two men in two weeks.  Fuckers.

Right, as I said, not well, sinus infection.  Not going to inflict myself on you anymore.

Going to lie down.


p.s. A caker, a wonderful caker has hinted that she is bringing someone special to Dublin next year.  Please, please let it be Carlos.

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