10 September, 2011


Everyone is in bed.  I'm wide awake as I've spent most of the day dozing on and off with migraine.  So I'm sat here updating the Perfectionist page and watching 'Pushy and Proud - Pamper Parlour Mums', a programme about mums who take their kids to beauty salons.  Holy Shit!!
The kids on the show . .  I don't know where to start.  They get their eyebrows done, tanned, nails done, facials, you name it they have it done.  Paid for by the mammies.  Mammies who think 'ah sure this is what little girls do'. is it?  When I was little we schlepped around in our ma's shoes (my ma had a fab pair of wine and black platform mules.  Seriously!) and maybe had a schmear of lippie on but that was it.  We pushed our prams up and down the street and chatted about the babbies and called each other Bernie a lot.  
One of the mums said it was a 'responsible mother' who took her daughter to a beauty parlour.  Am I missing something?  I find it sad that little girls are being taught to be princesses and it's all about how they look.  One little girl, 12, well, her mum takes her shopping every month and spends £200 on clothes so she can have nice stuff to wear.  I swear to God but I don't think I've spent €200 (EURO!!) on clothes this year.
I also think by encouraging these kids to go to the salon every week they're kind've saying 'you're not good enough as you are, you need to be made prettier'.
Could be wrong though.  
I don't think, if I had a daughter, I'd encourage her to fake tan it, fake nail it, fake hair it . . . it's all so fake.  Can't do much for their self confidence either.  Oh, and letting your kids go to the school disco, with a lot of young wans dressed as sexy school girls (whatever that's all about) and drink 'mocktails' with names like 'safe sex on the beach' and 'virgn mojito' is a good thing either.
I feel old you know.  I do.  

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