08 September, 2011


I'm an adult.  An adult woman with friends who like me so why, oh why do I feel so upset doing drop off and pick up of the youngest Geraghty?
I've got mates from #1's class and some lovely pals from #2's class but #3??  Nowt.  No one wants to know me.  It shouldn't hurt but it kind've does.  The really irritating thing is . . it's not like I want new friends anyway as I'm struggling to keep up with the ones I have anyway.
So why am I so upset that these women say hello one day and blank me the next?  They are all so . . . grown up, or serious, or something?  Most of them are on their first kid in the school and are very serious but . .  all so grown up.  I'm obviously far too immature for them.  Must remember to grow thicker skin and not to care so much.  Arse.

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