24 October, 2011

Raining, raining, raining

Seriously!!  I'm expecting boats to start a service outside my front door.  It's brutal out there.  Which is fine with me cos I'm in here.  Toasty and warm and tired from a day of making jigsaws.  Or should that be 'tired from a day of trying to make jigsaws'?  We have boxes of the things in the house and the borrowed boy is rather fond of them so we decided to make them today.  Thing is, out of the boxes and boxes of jgsaws we only have TWO that are complete.  TWO!!!!!  Bloody annoying that.  
The fact that I'm pants at making jigsaws is also a sticking point.  I'm 38 (and more than a half now) but still get frustrated by jigsaws.  Pah.
Still, it was a rainy horrible afternoon and jigsaws are a grand way to spend the day.

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