27 October, 2011

Is it the Pension they're after? Do you think?

I voted today.  Didn't want to, but one must.  Seven of them running for the Presidency and not a one amongst them that inspires anything.  Nothing.  Nothing at all.
Dana?  Fundamentalist Catholic singer who once won the Eurovision contest.  Way back in the dark ages with 'All Kinds of Everything'.  Yeah, all kinds of everything provided God approves.  She was asked if, as President, she would write the right to abortion into the Irish Constitution should it come into being whilst she held the presidency.  She said it wouldn't happen.  She was told 'it might' but she replied 'no it won't'.  So she's clairvoyant too.  Nice.

Then there's the Hobbit a.k.a. Michael D. Higgans.  He reminds me of a leprechaun so I'm sure the Americans will love him.  He does nothing for me.  Nothing about him makes me think he'll be a great president except for one thing.  He's old!!  So, pure economics, may have made me give him my no. 1.  I mean, he's old, so when he retires the Presidency he isn't going to live for a terribly long time which means he'll only cost the state, and us, a paltry (approx) €1.something million in pension payments.  Someone like Sean Gallagher will cost the state, and us, approx. €5.4 million.  Something to think about eh?
Mary Davies.  Her posters, TWICE, have blown onto the windscreen of my car nearly killing the lot of us.  So she is not getting my vote.  Silly yeah, but when there is nothing else to say about someone other than shite postering it's good enough for me.
David Norris.  He should have dropped out, he really should have.  He was destined for my number one.  I even got over the fact that he sent letters on headed paper to authorities speaking up on behalf of an ex lover of his.  We all do stupid things for the ones we love.  Shame the fecker did it twice.
Martin McGuinness.  This was a tough one.  You see, I really believe a leopard should be allowed to change his spots.  He spoke well and I started to believe in him but then... Then he went onto Frontline and well, instead of debating (NONE of the candidates were capable of debate)he launched an attack on Sean Gallagher.  The things he said were a revelation and I'm pretty sure they've cost Sean the election but, well, he did it to score points.  He didn't debate, he threw shit and waited to see what stuck.
So, Sean Gallagher. I've never liked him.  I don't know why but I haven't.  I know you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover but the man is scary looking.  He looks like a bouncer and his upper lip doesn't move when he talks.  He also keeps on and on about how he's a black belt in various martial arts.  What does that mean?  Is he implying that he'll be able to save the state thousands by not needing security?  I don't know.  What I do know though is that he lied and lied about his involvement with Fianna Fail.  Now, I have no problem with him being involved in Fianna Fail but I do object to him lying about fundraising for them.  I don't understand why he hid it?  I mean, political parties need fundraisers right?  So why lie?  Actually, the only reason I would have voted for Sean was the fact that he didn't use any posters.  Not one.  Hate all those bloody posters.
Then there's Gay.  Poor Gay Mitchell.  The mans everyone forgets.

The presidency carries nowt with it other than a Pension really. Ireland's Catering Manager is now I heard someone once describe it.  I think the seven of them are in it for the Pension.  I voted for the one who'll cost me the least.  

p.s. If there are to be future debates on Irish television find someone better than Pat Kenny to host them.  And don't have so many frickin' plants in the audience.  Jesus, it was worse than my local garden centre.   Plus!!!  This is an important one ladies and gentlemen, plus, give them topics to debate.  What I witnessed on Frontlin was a Q&A session NOT a debate.  Pah, and try not to have such a biased host.  Pants.  Absolute pants.

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