27 October, 2011

What's that all about then?

'Tother night I settled down with Himself to watch a movie.  I'm sure in most households this is a simple enough thing to do.  You pick a movie, you sit and you watch it.  Here?  Here you have to debate genre, directors, if the comedy is too black (for me) or too violent (me again, I'm a wuss) and then, about an hour after you agreed to watch a film together, you watch something.  Himself suggested Cohen brothers I vetoed and suggested the latest Star Trek.  He vetoed so we settled on Star Trek 4.  Can't remember what it was called but ................why????
Everyone else I knew was watching the programme about puppy farming in Ireland.  I wasn't watching it because it would have been too sad (see above) so instead I watched a movie about how, in the 23rd century there are no whales left in the sea (combination of pollution and whale hunting).
Yup, no whales left in the sea and a big lump of granite making screechy noises and trying to find whales.  Of which there are none.  So Kirk and co head back, by sling shot-ing themselves around the sun, to the latter end of the 20th century to find whales.  They had to as the big granite thing was tearing the sea apart (and the planet!!) as it wanted to have a sing song.
So Kirk and Co.  find a pair of whales in a sanctuary and, conveniently, the female is pregnant.  We get to see a couple of montages of whales being slaughtered by hunters to ram home the eco message of the eco period the movie was shot in.  Oh and the whales are due to be released into the wild and their chief carer is devasated. We know this because she pouts and shakes her curls and slaps a co-worker on the puss.
The whales are released a day early.  Kirk and Co. manage to get their ship back up and running and track the whales to where they are juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust about to be harpooned.  Isn't it always the way?  You spend a lifetime in a zoo and then the minute you're released you get feckin' harpooned.  They scare the nasty whalers by uncloaking above them.  Scared the bejaysus out of them.
Slung shot back around the sun our intrepid heroes (and whale carer, she hitched a ride) crash land back into San Francisco Bay c. 23rd century and release the whales.  
The granite thing screeches and sings to the whales and the whales sing back. Granite thing sails/floats off into space and the three, sorry, two whales (one pregnant) swim off happy to be the only whales in the 23rd century.
WHAT THE FUCK???????????????
I don't understand?  What was the screechy thing?  Was it piloted by whales?  And why, oh why, bring only TWO whales into the future because, the way I see it, ultimately the two adult whales are going to die and there will be the baby whale left.  All alone.  The last whale in the universe.
Should have watched programme about puppy farming.

Note to me:  The stringy structure that whales strain their food through?  Balleen!!  It's called Balleen.

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