10 November, 2011

Absolute favourite photo of the entire Brazilian trip 2011

Doesn't look much really, does it?  But to me it meant I was within 3 hours of seeing the boys.  I was finally going to get to see, smell, hold and look at them.  Hold them and see them.  
Everyone, and I do mean everyone, kept saying 'oh, you won't know yourself.  All that time without your kids'.  But, thing is, there is something different about being that far away and not having that much to do.  I've never had that much free time on my hands.  I went from relaxed to bored within hours.  I missed them.  Really missed them.  I missed Himself too.  The four of them ground me and make me feel happy and sane.  They chase the dragons away.
p.s. I didn't miss the kids because I'm used to being with them (you know who you are, you muppet).  I missed them because they're mine.  I missed them because they're smart and funny and gracious.  I .. . yeah, missed them.

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