12 December, 2011

My sodden lizard has issues

No 2 has gotten mad into taking care of all the animals in the house.  Including his brothers.  So today he decided that Rex and Max should have a bath.  Filled the sink up with warm (but not too warm water) and gently dropped Max into it.  She was delighted and gave it loads whilst I looked on in horror at the size of her in the sink.  Her shell (oh, she's a  Herman's Tortoise by the way) is huge.  I weighed her, she weighs over 1.5kg.  When we got her she was 137g!!  So, we washed her with her nail brush and splashed her and all was good.  Took her out and dried her off before putting her back under her heat lamp.
Then it was Rex's turn.  Rex is beautiful.  I love her to bits.  She's a Bearded Dragon and, apparently, has issues!  She tried to kill herself.  
Filled the sink up with fresh, warm water - just up to shoulder height for a lizard only to have her swim for a minute or so before ducking her head under the water and rolling over.  We looked at her in wonder and amazement, thinking she was really enjoying her bath, only to think (after a minute or three) 'why's she closed her eyes and .. . . .???????'
Pulled her out of the water and she was floppy.  And her eyes were closed.  And she wasn't fecking breathing!!!!!
Gave her a little shake and wrapped her in a tea towel and blew on her nose.  Whereupon she kind've er, snickered and opened her eyes and glared at me.  
She glared at me and I glared at her.
I have a suicidal lizard.

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