26 January, 2012

# 3

# 3 is apparently (allegedly) "a wonderful child to have in one's class.  He is respectful, gets on well with everyone and his work is fantastic.  His writing needs a bit of work but over all he is a joy to have around." Ms. F.  Snr. Infants Teacher.

This is my # 3 she is talking about?!  My megalomaniac?  My son , who breaks controllers if he is beaten in a game, sit back and lets others win in his class!?  The little shite who refuses to give in and give up when he's losing an argument acquiesces beautifully in Rm. 14.  The boy who refuses to listen when he's not interested here would never be so rude as to do that to Ms. F.  Lucky Ms. F.

Dumbfounded. But, would rather a house devil and a street angel.  The fact that no one believes you when you start tearing your hair out wailing and weeping because they have driven you to distraction is worth it.  Apparently.  Well done, # 3.

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