23 January, 2012

The benefit of avoiding thinking about something is . .

. . . you end up with a very tidy house and the Borrowed Boy begs for mercy ("no more walking, Niamh??") as you drag him back out to walk to the shops.  Again.
It's my mam's anniversary today.  15 years since I've seen her and .. well, it gets easier but sadder too because you can't remember sounds and smells, but that is life.
It's also her birthday and I know, like, REALLY KNOW she would love these little geezers as much as I do.  I saw them yesterday in our local Pet Shop and they blew me away.  They look like something from Totoro, one of the best movies ever btw.  
They're a type of Salamadar called Axoloti and they are freakishly beautiful.  I want them and I know my ma would want them too.  Look at the little fronds on their heads???  I mean, have you ever seen anything so pretty?  
So Mam, Happy Birthday wherever you are.  Feel free to stop by and see us enjoy the cake we're having on your behalf.  

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