03 January, 2012

Afternoon Tea

 We went to the Zoo last Saturday to see if what could be the 1,000,000th visitor.  We weren't, but it's alright.  We had a blast as usual.  But what we didn't do, as we usually do, is have something to eat in the zoo cafe.  The zoo rocks but it's cafe is pants.  Seriously, pants!!  Everything is kept warm on bain marie heaters and therefore is limp and just a tad rubbery when you order. Plus, enough with the chicken nuggets and chips for kids.  Kids like 'adult' food too.  But only if it's good adult food.  It's also a bit expensive so .. . 
This time we went to The Phoenix Park Tea Rooms and it was fabulous, dahling.
Any time I've tried to get in there it's been packed and too wet to sit outside.  I do remember sitting outside last year, in the freezing cold enjoying a really, really good cup of tea though.
This time?  We got in.  Myself, the three lads and Himself all sitting at a table in the dinkiest cafe ever.  The boys had homemade scones with the 'delicious-i-est' ever jam and cream and Himself and myself had a panino.  A breakfast panino.  
I know  it was lunchtime but it was my breakfast as the kids were savages and used ALL the maple syrup and there was none for my pancakes and I had a hissy fit and they each blamed each other (apparently it was no. 3 who was the guttsiest of them all ) and I burst into tears and . . . I know!  Drama Queen!!!  I was really looking forward to pancakes you see and . .  yeah, yeah, no excuses.  I threw a tantrum.  
Back to the Tea Rooms.  A Breakfast Panino where they didn't skimp on the filling and it came with a nice side salad and a big pot of tea (for me) and coffee (for Himself).
It was delicious, the staff were lovely and everyone (because the place really is tiny) were really helpful with passing stuff and moving stuff and it was a lovely way to spend an hour.  
Got to get some of my favourite girls together and go spend a lunch hour there some Saturday.  Or Sunday . . . after the Flea??!  A plan!Go.  Enjoy the place because it really is lovely.  It made me smile.

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