19 January, 2012

Chugga chugga chooo chooooo

When the kids started back at school after their Christmas hols I decided that there would be no telly on in the house until 5.30 at the earliest.  
If they get their homework finished by 4 that means they have an hour and a half before they can turn on the box.  
It was meant to be fun.
It's not.
For me.
Okay, so they've rediscovered dozens of toys they had forgotten all about (which was kind've the plan at the start - tonnes of stuff and none of it looked at from one end of the year til the next).  Thing is, they all want to play with the one thing and they all have different ideas of how it should be played with.
# 3 got a trainset down from uptstairs (it was originally given to #1 by his nana and Paddy when he was one and a bit) and started to set it up.  Which of course meant that #s 1 and 2 had to jump on board, pardon the pun, and tell him what he was doing wrong and they then started to build their own bits of track.  Which meant there wasn't enough track for #3, who had brought it down in the first place.
So # 2 went upstairs and got the dinosaurs and decided that he would make a city out of building blogs and the dinosarus would pretend it was Tokyo and trash the place.  The Borrowed Boy liked this plan.
All hell broke out.  Two small boys and a box of dinosaurs kicking everything over and two slightly bigger boys threatening to batter them if they didn't stop.
An hour and a half later everyone is watching the telly and it's up to me to dismantle Tokyo, retrieve the trains and track from behind the sofa and tidy it all away.  This no telly lark is hard work.  

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