21 January, 2012

Remember the latest addiction I was telling you about?

Well?  It's Pinterest by the way and I love it.  Love the way I can store all the stuff I come across online and stash it somewhere where I can find it again.  
Thing is, whilst dozing and dreaming this morning I dreamt I was in a graveyard (out to dinner last night and we were talking about graveyards, as you do) and it was somewhere near the sea.  I'd come out into it via a kitchen and it was beautiful.  The sea was grey and there were two headstones and this beautiful little wrought iron staircase that went to nowhere.  There were flowers entwined it in and it was really, really pretty.  All I could think of was "shit, where's my camera?  That would make a great photo on Pinterest."

Time to step away from the 'puter.
source?  Unsure but needless to say I found it on Pinterest!

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