30 January, 2012


Jesus.  Am so angry and pissed off I am literally spitting.  Had the terribly nice people from my bank on today. I felt I should ring them as they had sent quite an irate letter over the state of my credit card bill.  
It is in a state by the way, maxed out and over the limit. 
They also told me, nay, INSTRUCTED me NOT TO USE THE CARD AS "IT WILL BE DECLINED".  Haven't they been paying attention? It hasn't been used in over 12 months.  I've naive but not that sodding stupid. 
But, it is the only debt I have so it wasn't keeping me awake at night.
Since Himself was made redundant 3 years ago we've had to use the cards for such luxuries as food, Christmas, shoes for the kids (the occasional pair for me), house insurance and car tax and insurance.  So, it's been upping and upping.  
I owe, gulp, just shy of ?k.  Yes, that's ?K on a credit card.  A mind boggling amount to me to be honest as I had always paid my card off in full every month.  So to have this debt slowly increasing month by month . . well, it's been keeping me awake.
Did I mention it's the only debt I have.  At 39 I own everything around me.  Okay, so I have sod all savings but,  besides the card, I also have no debt and I own my house.  
So I am so pissed off at being told by the bank to get my house in order or I am going to be declared 'a bad debt' which means I will be unable to borrow money from any lender for five years.  I wouldn't mind if I wasn't making any effort in paying this bill because I am.  I do my best to make a payment every month but what I pay off is immediately racked up again in interest.  A vicious, bloody circle. 
So, I owe ?K and the banks owe billions.  Many millions of millions.  The Bankers took a gamble with their cash and we, Joe Soap, have to cover their cock ups but when I fuck up I'm left high and dry and with a, soon to be, brutal credit rating. 
Me.  I'm going to be declared a bad debt yet those (bankers/builders/politicians/whomever's name fits) who bankrupted the country are still sitting in their nice houses, most of them have received a nice 'goodbye bonus' and they don't have a 'bad debt' tag hanging over their heads.  So unfair.  So unfair.
So unfair as I never borrowed.  Not more than I could pay back anyway and here I am. Dealing with irate bank officials who have decided to ring me on a weekly basis.  
Very unfair.  I want to come back in my life as a Banker.  A happy, care-free, country ruining bloody wanker, sorry, banker.

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  1. Its a load of bollocks! Maddening and saddening. xx