31 January, 2012

Like, seriously????

This is the boys bin.
It lives outside their room.
It only moves when I bring it downstairs to empty it.
Yep!  Their bin yet I empty it, which is fine as they are only 6, 7 and 10.
When I empty it and leave it in the middle of the stairs and they each step around it to get to their rooms and change out of their uniforms?  Well, it makes me smile.
They stepped over it on their way back down too.
I sent them up and down a couple of times to see what would happen, would they notice the bin.  
They didn't.  
I put it back up outside their room.  


  1. Brilliant - you made me laugh. I have done similar too. Left a piece of paper on the floor..it didnt seem to bother anyone except me!! Ditto on the SWINES! chuckle chuckle!

  2. Maddening little feckers aren't they? Seriously, I sent them up and down the stairs and they stepped over it and around it and not one thought 'oh, I wonder is this to be moved?'