19 February, 2012

Are you for real? Like, seriously???

I'm in trouble.  Not huge trouble but I think I'm in a bit of trouble and I'm finding it hard to hold my tongue.  Y'see, the thing about the Internet is that it gives a voice to people who shouldn't be allowed to EVER talk.  Not because they have no rights to a voice but because they've no sodding sense.  People could say the same about me yapping on but the thing is, this is for me.  If people read it that's fantastic but if they don't, they don't.  This was originally set up so my kids (when they're grown up) can look at it and see 'me'. I'd never post what I post here on facebook, facebook is a way of keeping in touch and gossiping not shouting out whatever bloody nonsense sneaks into your head that morning.  Unless it's funny nonsense.  You can never have too little of that.  
I think I've been accused of cyber bullying on a facebook page I'm a member of.  I only 'think' it because I have asked the woman (is it always a woman I wonder?) in question to name and shame those she thinks are bullying her.  
I've had to ask as she's playing victim and pointing fingers and whining but she won't put her money where her sodding mouth is and shout out those she feels are giving her a hard time.
Funny thing is, I reckon I could name and shame each and every one of those people.  The interesting part though is . . . it's not because I can see a bullying clique or any clique for that matter but I have noticed that those people who disagree with her seem to be then hinted at as being vicious bastards in later posts.
But, I can only speak for me. so here's the deal.  This woman killed a dog by driving too fast where I live.  She tried to evade it by bailing but she was seen (by many) and . . . what can you do?  The owners of the dog she ran over accepted her apology and cried quietly and life went on.  But when Dog Killer, a few months, later went online and gave out about cars nearly killing a neighbours cat . . well, what can you say?  It wasn't me who pointed out that she had done similar months previously but it was me who said she was mistaken with her version of events because I was there.  I know there was no black ice because it was late summer.  When challenged over accidentally killing the dog she said she'd 'done the owners a favour' as they were moving to Australia and she knew the dog was a problem.  Yeah, you can read that again if you want.
I also know that she sat in my kitchen with the owners of the dog weeks later at a charity coffee morning and didn't recognise any of us.  So maybe I should have seen the signs.  The signs that she is a loon.  Maybe everyone else reconises her as a loon and that is why no one challenges her.  But I was brought up to believe you should stand up for your beliefs and I don't like her attitude.  She incites to hatred.  See?  Two can make blanket accusations.
Anyway, I digress.  I have been accused by this woman and a few others (shite, are they now bullying me?) of bullying because I don't always agree with statements put on the page.  I don't agree that you can call builders thieves with no evidence.  So I said I didn't agree and I said it was out of order.  I also argued that the term 'Knacker' was well out of line when it came to describing itinerants (travellers).  Later I agreed with her that whilst she was right in saying that kids were going to get mashed if they continued to play chicken when JCBs were on the move I was sick of the page being used like some sort of Big Brother type thing.  Jesus, in my opinion, if you see a kid acting the shite ROAR at them.  That'll give them something to think about. 
So.  Because I have disagreed three times. with a loon, I have been asked to leave the page.  I'm going, honestly, it's fine.  But for fucks sake don't you hate when people get to say whatever the bloody hell they want and there are no repercussions but, should you disagree with said moron, you are asked to leave for 'bullying'.
To make you smile . . . last night I thought I was on one of my favourite facebook cake pages and I posted that 'I've been suspended for disagreeing with moronic curtain twitching nimby morons'.  Only thing is, I'd posted it on the page hosted by said moronic curtain twitching nimbys.  Seriously!!!  
When I realised what I'd done and my heart had restarted I legged it downstairs. In the nude!!  To get to the computer to delete the post.  Bloody smart phone wasn't smart enough to let me delete there and then.  Mind you, I wasn't all that smart myself was I?  Poor dog and Himself.  They were just minding their own business when this white naked yoke flashed past them, tits and arse followed minutes later, to throw herself on borrowed Mac.  Thank God I borrowed a laptop, mine is kaputt. 
Yup, the dog is disturbed and I'm on a diet.  It should never take a minute for your arse to catch up with you.

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