26 March, 2012

Bad Blogger!! Bad!!!!

Feck, I've become hopeless at this.  I plead a busy life and er, sunshine!!
It's beautifully sunny in Dublin at the moment and, oh, but it's good for the soul.  I love it.  
Cakes are keeping us on our toes plus, and I don't know how, the lads seem to be more demanding now that they are bigger.  WTF?  I thought it was meant to be easier when they no longer need nappies changed etc.  Apparently not!  Now they need more help with their homework and for me to watch as they do flips and wheelies on their bicycles.  Not impressed.  Not one bit.
The Borrowed Boy is being potty trained and is either blissfully brilliant or woefully wet.  Usually after I clean the floors.  I think he comes in and goes 'mmmm, smells citrusy fresh . . . . must piddle'.  Swine.  He's very funny though and insists that while he may smell delicious that doesn't mean I can eat him.
Just finished my cake for my first ever competition which I am dead excited about.  Can't post it in case any of you lot are judges and put two and two together and come up with 'me' and then I end up being disqualified.  I don't want to be disqualified as my cake rocks.  It's great making something that I want to make and I have to say, I genuinely love it.  Great thing about the comp, excluding the terror, is getting the opportunity to be critiqued by some of the best cakers in the world e.g. Mr. Carlos 'Lick Me' Lischetti. 
Pretending I love yoghurt tomorrow to take part in a Market Research thing that will net me €50 which will pay for #2's dance class over the Easter break.  Though, as we don't know where we'll be living (loooooooooooong story) we may be too far away for him to learn to body pop with ease.  
Remember how we got our house fixed and extended and the beautiful red kitchen put in?  Well, some people decided that they were going to sue the builders for monies lost etc. etc. and not get their houses fixed.  Well, the long and short of it is, the builders went to the wall but promised to fix everyone's houses (in 6 weeks) so our neighbours on either side didn't make the millions promised by the solicitors but are having their houses fixed.  Starting Easter Bloody Week.  So, as we will technically be living on a building site, we have to move out for two weeks.  And we still don't know where.  I'm amazed at how unstressed I am by all of this as normally I'd be pulling my hair out at this point but . . . nope, no stress.  
Right, off to look at Pinterest and see if I can be inspired to come up with a design for a cake going out on Friday.  A sweet theme?????

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