31 March, 2012


Religion can be a tricky subject in our house, a very tricky subject.  Himself believes in himself, end of!  Me?  I believe in love and respect.  Be kind to others and love til you can love no more and life should be good.  
The boys though?  Hmmmm. . . . well, they go to a Catholic school and therefore are believers.  For the time being anyway.  
Yesterday we, 'we' being nos. 2, 3, me and Himself, got to talking about Easter and the lads were talking about who had crucified poor Jesus.  Himself said 'Jesus!!!' in that stressed out way he does when the kids start talking Catholic.  I said 'er, who crucified Jesus, erm . . . those . . er, erm, anti-christian people'.  
That would be The Romans!!!

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