14 March, 2012


I'm on a secret, oh so very secret Facebook cake page. It's so secret it's not even listed anywhere, you couldn't find it if you tried.  
Initially it was set up so we could all yap about cake, then it turned into yapping about life and cake.  At the moment we have one lovely gentleman on it .  There are 45 wimmin!  Yer man gives as good as he gets.  At the start we were quite well behaved but now it's back to normal.  The way it should be.  These are the witches that posted dolls left, right and centre when I, gobshite that I am, told them they terrified me.  Mind you, when D said she hated spiders there was a huge number of the beasties posted up too. 
At the moment everyone is fancying KC's hubbie (fabulous looking) and wondering is it wrong to fancying yourself eating cake off Zac Effron's tummy.  So funny.
I made up a collage of my favourite Yammie Fancy Pieces and the craic is mighty.
Who knew cake makers were such durty women.  


  1. Yeah, he was what started the entire conversation on the page funnily enough. Sinead, I shall find a pic and post it especially for you xx