17 April, 2012

Brown Bread

I'm forty at the end of this year which, I guess, means I'm forty THIS year.  I'm not impressed.  I still feel like I'm 18 in my head . . . then I catch sight of me ma in the window or mirror and . .  AAAGH.  I'm forty this year?!
As a result I'm doing what a lot of women are doing when they are approaching that one.  I'm dieting.  This time it's for real.  A few of my friends are looking fabulous at the moment and I'm envious.  
So, myself and another, have decided to  get with the programme and get fit and lose the fat.  
My favourite expression over the past number of years is 'Jesus, this is the heaviest I've ever been'.  Years!!!!  So it's time to lighten the load and lose some weight.  Not worried about getting fit as I run/walk most days and my heart and cholesterol are good but my arse is masssssive.
One thing is particular as pushed me to rethink my eating habits.  Was out with the fabulous G last week and we went to an equally fabulous place for lunch.  You know the place, it begins with an A and they sell gorgeous food and even more gorgeous stuff.
Well, we ordered a healthy tuna melt that came with three salads.  The tuna melt was about six inches high and laden with cheese.  My salad had mayonaise on it and as I tucked in I mused that . .'I'm fat'.  
We laughed and joked and continued eating all the while bemoaning the fact that we work with cake and what else are you gong to do with all that buttercream but eat it?  Actually, I don't.  Can't stand the stuff, hate it even touching me.  Himself would eat it by the bucketful though.
Anyway, we ate.  We giggled and we had a great lunch and then we decided it was time for tea and er, cake.  You can't go to A and not have cake.  It would be a sin.  So up we go to the counter and we each pick out the lemon curd and raspberry and cream pavlova.  Kidding ourselves that pavlova isn't fattening.  Which it isn't.  If you eat it by itself.  
We turned to the girl, skinny, and said 'lemon pavlova please' and she looked at us, we looked back at her and she said 'One each??'.  'Yes'. we replied.  She kind've looked us up and down and gave us our cake.  
Harruph.  Skinny bint.
She was right though, two was too much and we felt like pigs and we each got a sugar headache.  
We decided to chill out and er, get fit for forty.

Shall let you know how I get on.  My trick for not eating something is to look into my phone when it's on my lap and reverse the camera so the phone is now a mirror (technology huh??) and . ..  shudder.

p.s. Brown bread.  Am making it as I'm hungry and apparently it's better than white.  Shame it's also better with humungous amounts of real butter.  Bet yer wan is skinny before me.  She seems to have willpower.  I, however, have homemade brown bread and real butter.

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