24 April, 2012

My first competition

Last weekend I entered my first ever cake competition.  I thought I was going to burst from the adrenalin, it was mental.  Driving over to the venue I took it, oh so carefully.  On the way home I booted back.  I was in a hurry to buy a hairdryer (I'd gotten to use her big hair thing and wowsers, I was swishing my hair for the entire Sunday. Still swishing it as I eventually got one in Boots.  Hurrah 
I received two 'Highly Commended' awards/certificates/whatever yer having yourself and whilst I was delighted with one of them I was shagging gutted over the other.
Poor BOB came into a Demo to say 'Niamh, I know how you did' (we'd been waiting a day to get the sodding results) and I was all like 'aaaah, tell me' and she was all happy with 'YOU GOT A HIGHLY COMMENDED!!' whereupon I had an internal mini meltdown.  Poor BOB, she was so happy for me and I was so cross I hadn't done better.  She actually paled, I've never seen that woman taken aback.  Actually, that's quite an achievement in itself.
But then I met Carlos.  Had my photo taken with him and all and he is lovely.  Showed him my 'Love Letter' girl and he told me how pretty she was but how to improve her again.  He also said that he could tell by looking at her which competition cake was mine.  So, had a 'moment' with him and GA took photos and all was good.  Sent BOB a text to say sorry for being a Grinch.  She stuck her tongue out at me.  Via text!
What else?  GA got two golds, KG got a gold and BOB and Impact got a mixture of Highly Commendeds' and Golds.  It was a bloody great weekend. 
There is so much to tell I don't know where to start.  Dn threatened (and it sounded like a threat) to lick Carlos and when Carlos said 'round and chubby was sexy' you could hear every woman in the room sit upright and think 'weeellllll Hello Sailor'.  Every time I saw Ms. Impact I had to wash my hands because the witch had an eye infection and kept touching me, brazzer.
Fabulous crack with GA, I was terrified the blow up bed was going to be as crap as the one we owned and deflate with me in it and I'd end up looking like a sausage in a bun (think hot dog), wedged until someone came to rescue me.  Her ma gave us lunch on Saturday (we'd given up on the charming staff in the Red Cow) at this point and . . . I love mammies.  Proper mammy mammies, if you know what I mean.  Mairead is a lovely woman with a lovely house and THE most fabulous back garden.  She and her scut of a daughter can't see it.  There is a door, in the back wall, (okay, so technically it's the shed but dream with me) that looks like it could go anywhere.   Because she was a proper mammy I also got a great cup of tea and managed to avoid calories by inhaling a sausage rather than eating it.  I swear to Jesus but the fecking thing got lodged in my lungs. When we got back to GA's own house later that night I marvelled at the stars with her hubby whilst she looked at us in horror.  Then it was time for a cup of tea and an Easter egg.  Feck it, we'd been good all day.  We would have been far bolder if the other eggs hadn't been dark chocolate.  Oh, and by the way, who buys kids dark chocolate Easter eggs???
Before you knew it it was time to get up and go back to the Red Cow and buy more stuff, laugh more and . .  no more drinking???  Jesus, on the Saturday we were in the bar at 9.50am wondering why the bar didn't open until 10.30.  
Oh yeah and every demo I did was to do with dolls. WTF?

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