28 May, 2012


I always take the piss out of those saps who get sunburned.  Turns out that, as of today, I am going to be one of those saps for a day or so.  Ouch.
As Himself bunked off work, sorry, was sick today I had the beetle and decided to go for coffee in Skerries and come home via Loughshinny.   It was gorgeous, sea breeze was delicious.  There were girls riding horses through the waves and ..............I got burnt.  I have 'Mick Skin', as Himself says, and I got burnt.  I have a burnt nose and arms and . . . my decolletage is er, glowing.  Bugger.
But my toes look pretty.

Oh, on our way back home we passed a house with a sign outside saying 'sunflower plants for sale'.  As I never remember to plant the sunflower seeds in time we never get to get a sunflower as wonderful as we'd like.  When I say 'we' I mean 'no. 2'.  
Got three plants, one each for the lads, and labelled them 1, 2, and 3 and put pieces of paper in a bowl with 1, 3 and 3 written o them.  Yup, you read that right, 1, 3 and 3!!??  Either way, they all picked a piece of paper and planted a sunflower.  No. 2 picked the first no. 3 so he chose sunflower no. 2.  You following me?  They're planted now and watered and it's a competition to see whose flower grows the tallest.  Didn't get one for the Borrowed Boy, he gave out to me, so shall be going back that way next week and shall collect another one.  The couple who owned the house were bordering on eccentric and, as such, were lovely.  They pulled up a couple of plants from their garden for me as I'd remarked how I loved 'those big orange daisy things' but could never find them to buy.  I think they're actually a wild flower that just crops up here, there and everywhere but my garden.  Don't care anymore where they crop up as currently I have two lots planted in my garden.  Yay.

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