28 May, 2012


I love the Dublin Flea and go to it whenever I can.  Yesterday was one of the days when I could go.  M. came with me and we pootled off in the Beetle listening to the fabulous soundtrack to the movie Amelie.  Love the movie but love that cd when pootling about in the bug.  In the sunshine!
I picked her up and marvelled at the wonder of her house and where it is and it was off to catch up with G & J who were in selling the contents of their attic space.  Who knew an attic could hold so much?  J managed to sell a tonne of James Bond soundtracks (he's a geek like Himself - who knew?) and later while M and I were having falafel we saw a delighted fella stuffing a member of the southpark crew into his backpack.  Couldn't get a photo quick enough but I know who sold it to him., 
Took the piss out of G's cowboy boots, I don't care how great they look with a gypsy skirt.  If you're not a cowboy or a four year old pretending to be ..............well, step away!!  Wonder if she sold them in them end.  Oh and they had a Titanic sign so no. 2 was made up when I got home.  
Saw these cool little glasses in a wire carrier thing and whilst I was trying to work out if I really wanted to have them for €15 I got distracted by M, and a beautiful top, and put them down.  I guess I'd worked out I'd rather not spend €15, at least I had until another couple started looking at them and 'oohing' and 'aaaahing' over how fabulous they'd look in their Diner (WTF??).  Over my dead body, I thought and whilst they were 'oohing' I went over to the woman who was selling them and said 'I'll take those glasses in the wire thingie and could you mind them for me?  She said 'sure' and, as I turned away, the couple arrived over with said glasses to buy them but, shame, they were mine.  Hheheheh, I bought them from under them.  They weren't impressed but feck it.  Something so cool has no right in a Diner (what the feck is a diner anyway?).
Shite,  my keyboard is squeaking as I type.  Someone will be in trouble, probably me, as it would appear there is either a mouse or crumbs wedged in it.
M bought a mirror for a tenner and if I had've seen it first I would have bought it too. 
Dropped M off and came home to find the house empty so I took out my phone to ring Himself and find out where he was so I could join him, if only I knew!, only to discover 7 missed calls from him.  He never rings me.  Oddly enough, considering he never rings me once never mind seven times, I wasn't worried and rang him back with a 'where are ya?  Let's go play' line of chat only to discover the Ford was fucked.
Bloody handbrake cable had snapped which meant I had driven past my stranded family as they played on a grass verge at our local applegreen garage.  Doh.
Car got towed and stored overnight.
Home, again, only to realise we'd forgotten to get dinner.  Himself went out to celebrate his pal's 40th year and myself and nos. 2 and 3 went to McDonalds via the lovely J's house and her one year old's birthday.  Everyone was there and it was lovely to just sit in the sunshine and chat.  Even the bored 15 (or 'whatevs' age she is now) was there.  God, she's a moody bint.  She 'OMG-ed' me a bit and I 'OMG-ed' her back asking 'like, it must be, like, totally awful to be so jaded at 15'.  She blinked at me.
Then home, no Mickey D's as everyone was knackered.  Pizza, bath and bed.  Happy days.

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