01 May, 2012

Blessed are the cake makers. NOT!

Because we're a very sensitive bunch.  Jesus, mention price to one of us and the other one goes off in a huff.  One of us, cake makers, was trying to make a comparison between one of her cakes and a more, er, cheaply made one.  
Jesus, you'd swear she'd told the world she ate kittens, babies and puppies for breakfast.  It got that out of hand.  Name calling and 'pah, you're only a chancer' sort of thing.  All the poor girl was trying to do is get the point of 'cheap cakes aren't great and great cakes aren't cheap'.  
I managed to get myself so wound up by the whole thing I put an egg for my lunch only to remove it from the pot six minutes later to find it was made of rubber.  
Actually 'made of' rubber.  Not 'I boiled it so long it tasted like rubber'.  I boiled the kids toy egg.
Couldn't even have a real egg as there were none.  Only rubber ones.
My kids suck.

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