02 May, 2012

I still hate glitter

I remember years and years ago, when I was young and idealistic, sitting down with a two and a half year old no.1 to make Christmas Cards.  The radio was tuned to Christmas FM and I was full of .. something.  Must have been to think making Christmas cards with a 2 year old was going to be fun!
We (I) laid out all the cards, the glitter, the reindeers, snowflakes and the cotton wool.  Had even gone so far as to buy some child friendly PVA glue.  After half an hour the glitter was everywhere and no. 1 really did not give a toss.
Himself, myself and no. 1 were at the table and all of us were starting to get cranky when no. 1 piped up, in his baby voice, 'This is bollocks'.  
He was right!
At this moment in time my fingers are sticking to the keyboard because I should be making a sparkly shoe for a birthday cake. There is lots of purple glitter everywhere.
No. 1 was right.  It's a load of bollocks.

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