28 May, 2012

Dear Sir................

Himself didn't go in to work today.  He never EVER bunks off.  When I had no. 2 he went into work the next day.  That's how work conscious he is.  Annoyingly so at times.
Today, however, we were down a car and the sheer headache of trying to get everyone where they were meant to be safely meant that I rang in sick for him.  
PSN.     Good morning this is blah blah scoil (that's Gaelic for School by the way)
Me.       Good morning, my name is Niamh Geraghty and I'm ringing to say Himself won't be in today.  He has a wisdom tooth problem and was awake all night, etc, lie, etc.
PSN.     Okay Mrs. Geraghty.  All you need to do in fact is simply put a note into his homework journal and I'll make sure it gets to the relevant Head.
Me.     CACKLE,  He's not a pupil.  He's your IT Department.
PSN.   ............................................Squeak.   

Yup, the lovely B., in Himself's school - where he is the IT guy (apparently he says 'have you tried turning it off and on again ?' quite a lot too) thought I was a mammy ringing up about my son.  Took five minutes of the two of us cackling madly to get to the bottom of it.
Either way, I'm sending Himself in with a note tomorrow.

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