01 June, 2012

Angry? You wouldn't believe how angry I am.

Today I got a letter from the Financial Ombudsman that said,   basically, you're a muppet.  You didn't read the small print and we don't care that you were given incorrect advice and that the company in question admitted as much.  You listened to your Financial Guy and, guess what, he didn't understand what he was selling you.  It's not his fault though.  It's yours.  You should have checked the small print rather than relying on the man you've been dealing with for 15 years.  
Your fault Niamh.
Your fault that you've been penalised 10K in return for drawing down 70k.
Your fault for thinking that withdrawing your own money early might not incur such massive fees.  

Your fault.  Not that companies.  But hey, here's €750 to take the sting out of not getting the other €9,250.


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