04 June, 2012

Today and why I'm not pissed off any more

  • Woke up to glorious sunshine.  Nice considering yesterday felt like the depths of October.
  • Convinced everyone to get ready to go to Loughshinny.  
  • Just about ready when our 4th son, P, arrived at the door.  He checked with his ma and he was allowed to come to.
  • Sigh................ Loughshinny.  I love it.  
  • I have to buy a wetsuit.
  • Preferably not a black one that will enable me to be confused with the HUGE seal swimming in the bay.
  • Nettles.
  • Foals.
  • Sitting and hearing the waves crashing against the shore.
  • No. 2 and 3 made a rainbow.
  • I watched the local kids diving off the high wall with the 'no diving' sign underneath them. 
  • Billy fell into the sea.  
  • No. 3 asked the fisherman so many questions he eventually went home.  The Fisherman not no. 3..
  • Cooked chicken, french stick, crisps and sausages.  Oh, and TK red lemonade picnic in Rush.
  • Sunshine when we got home.
  • Falling asleep on the floor of my kitchen, half in and half out garden with Billy wedged on one side of me and a gorgeously cool skinned no. 3 on the other.
  • Two great books, one right after the other.
Yup. I'm very happy.  The money would have taken the pressure right off but . . feck it.  I have sunshine, three healthy kids, a mental dog and some of the best beaches in Dublin on my doorstep.  

I am a happy camper.

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