12 June, 2012

Give me a chance

I know, I know.  I'm meant to blog all  the time but you can see from the blog that my life is mental. 
Today I am going to see a film that a friend made with a mate of his.  It's called 'A Barbershop History of Bray' and whilst I'm dead excited for them all I can think about is the Priest I have to make!
Yeah!  A Priest.  In his blacks?  Civvies?  Dunno, just glad he's not in the robes.  Thing is, it's for a 14" cake which is only huge.  This huge came means our motorbike, priest and dogs (shite, had forgotten them until I typed it down) all have to be a decent size too.  I have to make a 10" priest.  Shudder.  The girl who asked me to help out rang me today to say: "so, we'll pick them up tomorrow' whereupon I had a near death experience in the car (where I was dossing, eating chocolate, reading heat and, officially, waiting for the lads to finish school).  Cake due on Sunday so we have until Friday.
Came home to find the tortoise pacing her territory like the polar bears used to do in Dublin Zoo.  Very distressing to watch.  Was going to take her out and set her lose in the garden but Billy was around and he keeps trying to bury her in his grass patch.  Jesus, no wonder she's stressed.  
No. 3 just keeps asking when is it going to be four o'clock, when is it going to be four o'clock?  Only to leg it at 3.59pm and miss his cartoon all together.  We had a bonding thing today where we made ice pops.  A tin of crushed pineapple, a tin of coconut milk, 3oz of caster sugar and the juice of the biggest lime you can find gives you delicious tropical, mon, ice pops.  
Shame only me and no. 1 like them.  We've eaten four.  Each.

Missus C. is late so I can breathe.  Mind you, she's always late so I don't know why I was freakin' myself out.  

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