05 June, 2012


I want to blog tonight about a muppet who appears to be of the opinion that she owns the world and everyone in it.  Unfortunately, according to Himself, that may get me into trouble. 
Feck, and here's me thinking everyone is entitled to my opinion.  I mean, didn't yer wan tonight insist on talking over everyone (in her many comedy voices) and making sure we were all aware of her opinion.  Yup, despite the fact it was neither the time nor the place yer wan kept on and on and talking over the gentle R, who hates talking in public.
According to yer wan I, and my club co-members, would know nothing about the craft we love if it weren't for her.  
To be honest, I don't think yer wan knows a lot about the craft herself.
Oh, can't say that.  I mean, it's only my opinion that she is a bossy, loud, glitter chucking pain in the arse.  An opinion, not a fact.  Or is it?

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