05 August, 2012

As we're all talking about sex these days...

I'm, apologies boys, kind've into sex again.  It's fecking brilliant and has nothing to do with 50 bloody shades of Grey (yawn) but instead I've found a drug that works for me.  Happy pills that haven't suppressed my sex drive and er, Happy Days.
This morning, having had a shower and fed two of the three lads I decided to wake Darren up.  
I closed our bedroom door and wedged the thingie we use to keep the door open behind the door in the hope that it would keep the kids out.  
Then I slunk over and started to er, kiss him awake.  He responded with a lazy smile and hooshed his arse into the middle of the bed!!  Kind've taking it for granted as to how the encounter was meant to go, I thought.
So, I smiled and played nice and, Jesus I will never write a durty book.  Am blushing.  
I climbed on board and got on with doing my thing.
Whereupon no. 3 burst into the room, jumped on my back and asked if he could play too.
That.  Was.  The.  End.  Of.  That.
Swine.  Jesus, if only no.3 knew what he'd done.  He'd be as mortified for life as I am typing this.

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