01 August, 2012

Why I do this.

A while back someone asked why I blogged.  'For the kids' I replied and that's it really.  When the house was sold, the one we grew up in, I got to have all the old photos.  Most of them had no names or dates on the back of them but I managed to put them into some order.  While I was dong that I remembered old stories I'd heard about 'putting a tupennny (instead of the ha'penny allowed) bar of chocolate on the slate every week' and so on.  But I'm forgetting the stories and well, it's the 21st century so I decided that rather than have the lads trying to remember what was said and the like I'd set this up.  
A brief history of their lives. 
It also gives me an outlet for when things are too big for my head.  Great outlet for funny stories too.  
Yup, this is for the kids.  So they can look back and see me for who  I am and perhaps they'll understand me better.  Perhaps when they have their own kids (Jesus, there's a thought) they can continue this and realise that I wasn't mental (well, only a little bit) but just surrounded by too many mickeys.

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