01 August, 2012

Tooth fairy needs a kick up her bum

I mean, I know she does her best but does s/he not understand how many kids out there are relying on her to be on time and to actually show up with the money?
Last Saturday no. 3 woke up expecting to find at least two euro under his pillow in exchange for the latest tooth but there was nothing there.  Apparently she had forgotten.  She must have been knackered to forget such an important thing.  Or maybe she went out to dinner with some friends and got home so late the tooth completely slipped her mind?  Or maybe, and I think this is the one, she assumed the second fairy in command would remember, after all he was the one spending most of the time in that, er, area that night.
Regardless of excuses, the fairy never showed.  
Today, however, no. 3 got the above note.  Wrapped tightly around a fiver. I'm guessing it's all the fairy had on her.  
No. 2 had lost a tooth yesterday and put in the little tooth fairy cup we have and lo and behold he got two quid.  Imagine his surprise, and mine, when he found another two quid under his pillow when he was making his bed this morning.  
Turns out the fairy was so frantic that she had accidentally stuffed no. 3's tooth money under the wrong pillow a couple of days back.
Silly fairy.

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