01 August, 2012

I thought they were worth making

Yesterday the weather was, again, pants.  No. 2 had, earlier in the week, given me a er, 'assessment' as a mammy.  It would appear I spend too much time doing stuff other than doing stuff with him.  Basically he would prefer if I did all work, housework, cleaning, reading, computing, accounting, EVERYTHING at night.  After they go asleep.  I'm to play with them all day whereupon I can sit down for an hour before getting on with all of the above.
In an attempt to rectify this I decided to do some baking with them.  At this time of year I always start to panic over school lunches.  I don't know why the panic because after the first day it's back to billy roll, ham, turkey or chocolate spread for sambos and a piece of fruit.  None of the pasta salads or quinoa stuff I google frantically at this time of year.  
I thought these sounded nice and thought 'whoohoo, child bonding and something useful for me'.  Only thing is, the child in question is up to his oxters in Lego and refused to play.  No. 3 and the Borrowed Boy stepped into the breach.  They donned their aprons and, I think, washed their hands.  (I got the recipe from, I think, the Irish Times or Indo this time last year - I stole it from a hotel?!)  
To make pizza muffins you'll need:
300g self raising flour
80g melted butter
1 egg
250ml natural yoghurt
50 ml milk
I used 200g grated cheese
6 rindless rashers (or a packet of bacon lardons)- fried (or grilled) and sliced.
4 spring onions finely chopped.
3 tbsp chopped sundried tomatoes.  Yeah, I didn't have these so instead used some left over pizza sauce I had.
The recipe recommended a tsp oregano but I had none so I used a handful of torn basil leaves.

Then you:
Preheat your oven to 200C and put liners into a 12 hole mufin tray,
Mix the butter, yoghurt, milk, egg and basil together.
Sieve in the flour and barely mix (doesn't have to be perfect).
Stir in cheese, onions, tomatoes or sauce and bacon.  Don't over mix.
Spoon into cases and cook for 20 minutes.

The kids ALL hated them.  Myself and Himself and the sister thought they were delicious.  If I were making them again I'd add a stronger cheese and I wouldn't allow the kids to eat most of the bacon before it goes in as you do need that salt kick.  Imagine these would taste great with soup.  They tasted lovely as they were.  Rotten ungrateful kids.  The borrowed boy, however, was dead chuffed and proud of what he made.  Wonder did he eat one?

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