23 September, 2012

A funnier joke than he thought

No. 3 couldn't wait for me to get in the door the other day.  "Mam, mam, I have a joke to tell you"  Thing is, he tells jokes like I do i.e. cackling at the coming punchline the whole way through.

No. 3:  So, this alien was walking down the street and he came across a queer singing . .. 
Me.  Queer?
Him.  Yeah, queer!  So, the queer was singing 'mememememememeem' and the alien continued along his way . . ."
Me.  Are you sure you mean 'queer'????
Yeah.  You know, 'queers, they sing in funny costumes'.
Me.  In my head (Drag queens????)

Then the penny dropped.  CHOIR!!!!!!  There was a choir singing 'memememeemmeme' on the street. 

Love the boy and his excited way of telling jokes.

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