23 September, 2012

Are there any songs about the perfect Autumn day?

'Cos there should be as me and nos. 2 and 3 (and Billy the Dog) had a lovely day in the Phoenix Park today.  Lovely until no. 3 got soaked that is.  They were rowing in the pond, to get to America, when disaster struck.  The disaster answers to the name of Billy and he hates his reflection and got a bit rowdy and knocked no.3 over.  Over and in. 
We found big sticks knocking conkers out of trees and even BIGGER sticks when the big sticks didn't work.  There is a reason they didn't work, it's too early for conkers.  The trees are hanging onto them for dear life.  
Wandered across a jazz quintet in the grounds of Farmleigh House and just sat and mellowed and picked up a cd to mellow along to on the way home.  There was no point ruining that feel good buzz by putting the radio on and hearing the news.
We had fresh apple juice, prawns and hotdogs for lunch.  Made friends with a nice lady and all refused to sit next to Billy in the car on the way home because, this time, he rolled in fox shit.
Fecking dog.  Still, the weather was perfect, the music and food lovely and the company?  Well, the company was absolutely perfect.  


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