30 September, 2012


One of my favourite Flea people couldn't come and play today.  So I met up with another one of my favourites and brought my sister along for the ride.  Oooh, bumped into Ms. Mandy there too.  Gorgeous day for flea-ing, even if the heavens did explode for twenty minutes or so.
Fiona, the sister, was after a hat/coat stand and found one.  AND a gorgeous armchair, a bargain at €35 for the pair.  
I, heheheheh, got a desk for no. 1's room and a gorgeous chair and a suitcase that has now been converted to Billy's bed.  
Love the Flea.  One thing though, Flea sellers, just because you paid €100 for a dress and only wore it once it doesn't mean it's now worth €75.  Just sayin'!

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