30 September, 2012

This is why I don't like caterpillars either

I follow a face book page called I fucking Love Science (they don't care if you're offended, great attitude but er, sometimes I am.  Especially if I'm showing the lads something).  It's a brilliant site and I was allowed into the IFLS group/thing.  I don't understand much of what anyone is talking about but love the discussions. 
They posted this picture today and . . shudder.  Caterpillars can be scarier than spiders.  Butterflies are even scarier than caterpillars.  
I once used no. 2, in his baby sling on my chest, to protect me when we went to the Butterfly Farm in Swords.  Jesus, some of those feckers were bigger than no. 1's head.  He was three at the time.  Ugh.

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