14 October, 2012


I.  Am.  A.  Bad.  Blogger.  At least I am insofar as I haven't blogged for nearly a week but, I am a good blogger, in that I didn't blog for a week.  Seriously, I would have bored the face off you.  I have been such a miserable bitch it's unreal.
I have no idea why, can you get pmt with the coil in?  But a bitch is what I was.  A 'poor me, life is so shite' type witch bitch.
Still, I think I'm over it so normal service will be resumed.
From tomorrow.
I've got a week's worth of tv to catch up on.  I've been too miserable to stay up and watch telly.  Instead I'd slope off to bed and lie there feeling misunderstood.

p.s Things to tell you about.  

  1. I think me and Caitlin Moran are somehow telepathically connected.  She writes about the stuff I think about.  'Cept she makes it funnier.
  2. No. 3 throwing the biggest freak when he dropped the last icecream of the summer.
  3. Teaching no. 1 to mix a nice G&T.
  4. No.2 hounding me for red lipstick.
  5. The Priest almost talking me out of letting no. 1 make his confo by giving a speech on how 'it's cool to not be a sheep and do what everyone else does'.  Seriously!!!!
  6. Getting a cool birthday present.
  7. Having a week and a bit to lose 4 stone to look stunning whilst enjoying said birthday present.
  8. Tips on lifting ones spirits when having a diva-I-wanna-be-alone week.
  9. Losing the Borrowed Boy.
  10. The amount of help I'm going to need when filling in my tax form.  I still don't know what a ran number is?

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