22 October, 2012

I don't know where the time is going

Honest!!!  I swear to Jesus but time seems to have gone 'whooooooooooooooooooooosh' and before you know it, it's not Monday anymore but Sunday night and you are still no closer to doing all the things you were meant to.
I had a bit of a session here on Saturday, it started out with the idea to have six or so friends over but before you knew it there were 13.  Thirteen insane, mental women.  
We all met online and it was time to meet in person and cement the friendship.  Funny that, Internet friendships.  Have to say though, these witches are a godsend.  Thirteen of us in one room (okay, perhaps 3 rooms, not including the garden) and not one second of bitching.  There was a hint it might happen but it cancelled itself out.  
The youngest witch (cos it's nearly Halloween) was divine.  She is the sweetest girl I've ever met.  She partied too hard though and crashed out before 11.  We tucked her up in the playroom.
I had planned that we'd play Cranium and Pictionary . .  instead we did tricks for booby prizes and I won a pair of fishnet stockings (in white no less) and the teeniest apron ever.  Not a chance in hell of it keeping me decent looking. 
I'd love to tell you more but  .. what happened at the party stays at the party.  I will however tell you about Gertrude.  She's meant to be a bit of a lady, at least when you first see her you think she's a lady.  She's not though.  She's a minx in lady's clothing.  She did her er, version of the chicken dance, she bites her bottom lip (oh so saucily) when she struts her stuff.  She also humps anyone that doesn't move out of her way quickly enough.  She makes mean potatoes but shite rice.  She also, and this amazed me, did a handstand!!!  She's forty odd, very odd.
Yup Gertrude is well on her way to becoming a friend for life.  Hip hip hooray for the Internet.
Oh, also learned how to 'work it' should I want to give Himself a good time.  Having made out like Beyonce (I have Let's Dance for Kinect) for a song or two that night I'm not going to be wanting to give Himself anytime whatsoever.  My arms are killing me.
There were games, laughs, revelations, broken glasses, butterscotch cowboys, salty rice, lots of leaky ladies, slut drops (will tell you one day), a rubber egg, a not rubber egg, a bruise on my back where I was hit with a wine bottle???
Oh, and two taxis called in the later hours of the early hours to take the last four witches home.  Jaysus, was up cleaning til 4am and . . . you should never clean up after a party when you're a bit drunk because it still looks like shite the next morning.
Worth it though.  But NEVER AGAIN in my house.

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