19 November, 2012

The Lily

Myself and Ger headed over to Birmingham last week, er, the weekend before last, for the Cake International Show in Birmingham.  It was great fun.  Mainly because we were like two school kids on tour.  Up half the night giggling and rearranging furtniture etc.  (I went upstairs on the Thursday night to find Ger standing in the chaos of the attic with her aerobed standing upright saying "It's never going to fit!!"  It did.  Eventually. But only after we'd gotten the bed wedged in the doorway and after we'd dragged it out of the doorway into an upright position before clearing away lots of books, a thomas the tank engine train and lots of cds and FLUMPING it onto the floor.  Cackle, everyone was in bed on the floor underneath us, and you know how the harder you try to stay quiet the more loud you become?  We were weak with laughing and noisy as hell with it.  The more we tried to stop giggling the worse we became).
Also got to bump into lots of fellow cakers and spend money!  I Had forgotten how much I l love spending money.  LOVE IT.  Love it so much I spent about £400 and something sterling.  But it's okay, it's for my business so it's not like spending real money.  Is it?  
Bought lots of stuff that, when I got home, was only a very little pile really.  A tiny pile once you took the Moose head out.  Ah well. 
We were disgustingly giddy.  
After the Friday show N took us to Costco where we did a weird kind've trolley dash and N then took my Batman book off me so she could give it to no. 2.  Pah, he loves that book.  It should've been from me!!!!  Myself and Ger bought lots of pretzels and marshmallows.  Shame no one would play chubby bunny with me.  I had an idea Ger wouldn't as marshmallows make her hyper but N wouldn't play.  Mind you, she had seen no. 3's chubby bunny video.  Enough said really.
Anyway, after Costco we were standing outside the house and N said something about bringing Ger's car in and parking it behind hers.  That much I heard because I was standing beside N.  Unfortunately I couldn't hear Ger.  

Ger:  What've I to do with the car?
Me.  What?
Ger.  . . sigh . .. what's happening with the car?
Me.  Park it behind N's.
Ger.  But what about this one?  (Pointing to M's car).
Me.  What?
Ger.  WHAT.  AM.  I.  TO.  DO.  WITH.  MY CAR?????
Me.  Wha?  Oh, oh.  Don't worry about M's, just park your car behind N's.  

I swear to God, but she shouted at me like I was her husband or something.  The way I shout at Himself when he's not doing what I'm telling him to do and I'm nearing murdering point.  
Jesus.  We're obviously spending too much time together.
Later we were sitting, more or less, side by side on the sofa.  She was on her laptop and me on my ipad.  We were grumping about each other online to our buddies.  It was so funny.  We then got even gigglier and tried to take 'grumpy' photos of ourselves, as you do when you're on your holliers, and failed brutally.
M went upstairs to a crying child.  We'd woken the babies.  Terrible thing to do, wake babies.  To get ourselves out of the shite we dragged Lily into our photo.
I love Lily!  She was taking the piss out of us that weekend too for crying over 'Goodnight Mr. Tom'.  She is such a harsh witch when she wants to be.  Poking fun at us and calling us soft.  Hard aul' wan.

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