19 November, 2012


Oscar, as you have probably gathered, is also known as no.2.  He's a dude.  They all are but . .  I think he's the most like me.  I was giving out to GA over the weekend that 'he never stops talking!!' and she replied 'he didn't lick it off a stone'.  He also makes a mess and er, forgets to clean up.  He's fascinated by nature and he talks.  A lot.  I'm editing his school project, he's doing 'Turkey', he refused to do Germany or any of the other countries on the list the teacher gave them as 'I don't care about them' and so. .  Turkey it was/is.
This is the un-edited version.  I'm keeping it forever because, it turns out, he writes like me too.



1. My holidays
2. Religion
3. Food
4. Beaches
5. Ephesus
6. Kusadasi
7. turkish words and fraises

1.  My Holidays

First of all the flight it took three hours and forty five minutes to get there and it took Ibrahim about ½ an hour to get his bag.  Then it took an hour to drive to our holiday home oh and Ibrahim isn’t my dad he’s my Mam’s brother in law her sister is called Fiona she had her first child in 2011 on the 19th of august and we went with them to Turkey.  There was a pool about thirty steps away because we had to go down stairs.  The pool was five feet deep the shallow end was sixty six centimetres deep.
On the second week there I started swimming without armbands.  I raced my brother Arthur to the shallow end, I won yay.  That knight we all went to this horrible chinese food place it was called Mario’s Real Chinese the chips taste like cheese, the chicken nuggets taste like fish.  Then we started going to Nickies bar it was amazing.  One day Arthur dropped his goggles to the bottom of the deep end Harry tried to grab them but his snorkel slipped he got a fright and began to panic luckily we swimming noodles we reached it out to the middle of the pool Harry grabbed it and we pulled him in to the  edge and he climbed out of the pool after we went somewhere in the mountains they had something delicious dessert called baked ice-cream it was ice-cream coated with pudding.  A few days later we went to this awesome water park called Aqua Fantasy first of all there was pool with a bar in the middle of it then there was a tobogganing water slide were you had to get on this mat and lay on your stomach it was terrific oh and in the bar pool I had a cocktail, it was called the non alchoholic cocktail it was terrific.  Oh yeah and on the first knight we went to this place called Etchi Steakhouse they made amazing chicken.  Oh and in Etchi Steakhouse I ate lamb testicles. 

2.    Religion

One thing I know about Turkish religion is that most people don’t eat pork their muslims.  Just like my uncle ibrahim .
3.   Food

Just like I said there most Turkish people don’t eat pork but I do know that they love beef, remember how I was talking about the Etchi Steakhouse most of the meet there is beef.  Another two foods that they like to eat on the beach are corn on a cob and rice filled mussels.  And they eat loads of other foods but I’m just telling you these ones right now. 
4.   Beaches

On Turkish beaches you’d want to wear flip flops because the sand is roasting hot if you take your flip flops off you’d have to leg it into the sea almost right away.  Oh and in the beach I ate some rice filled mussels.
5.   Ephesus

Ephesus is discovered in selcuk, izmir in western Turkey.  Kusadasi is 19 kilometers far away from Ephesus and Pamucak beach is 5 kilometers far away from Ephesus.  Ephesus is roasting hot like roasting hot I told Darren (my dad) that I had to go to the toilets he braught me to the old roman toilets instead.  And over there I saw a dragon fly the size of my head.
6.   kusadasi

Actually on my holidays to Kusadasi it was amazing blah blah  blah I told you about that all ready well moving on to this chapter, Kusadasi is the second biggest city after Istanbul.  It is 19 kilometers far away from Ephesus and holds this huge cruise ship called the Navigater of the sea.  Sorry I need some help from my dad.  It’s a holiday resort it’s really busy with tourists.  It has loads of restaurants and bars.  

7.   Turkish words & fraises

Okay okay so now I’m going to type some words & fraises and put a = and then type the Turkish word

Thank you = tesekkur ederim
Hello = merhaba
Please = lutfen
Quiet = sessiz
After = sorna
Oscar = Oskar
Why = neden
Can I go to the toilet = ben tuvalete gidebilir.
Goodbye = elveda  
Alien = uzayli
House = ev
Minute = dakika
Chicken = tavuk

Feck, me and Himself are nearly wetting ourselves here.  "Minute, chicken, alien"???? Alien????  Yeah, we needed that a lot in Turkey.  
I love that boy.

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