22 December, 2012


We got this tree from Lily when we moved in here a couple of years back.  It is one of my most treasured possessions, I love it.  Really I do.  Each little drawer has a decoration in it that you hang on the tree when it's it's turn to be er, hung on the tree.  
The Advent Fairy also puts a chocolate for each of the lads into the drawers as well, so every morning the kids wake up, leg it downstairs and grab their chocolate and hang the decoration.  Usually it's nos. 2 and 3.
Himself had a tooth removed (ooh, but it was a big job.  Tooth was impacted,  "Like suturing jelly" etc.) and, as a result, he's not entirely with it.  Due to his lack of with it-ness I'm meant to be more with it.  
Yeah, .... that's not happening.  
No. 3 said to me today: "Mam, have you noticed how the Tree Fairy is kind've shit at remembering to come and put the chocolates in the tree . .  now that dad isn't well??!   Hmmm?  I think it's safe to say, Mam, that the fairy is not on her game at all".

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