21 January, 2013

Rain, rain go away . . .

Evenin'.  I'm sat here all cushy and cosy on the sofa watching The Great British Bake Off (for Comic Relief) and it's bucketing down outside.  Am raging it's not snowing.  Seems to be snowing everywhere in Ireland except out our way.  Buggery duck anyway.
Rain, I love.  Okay, so I don't love rain when I want to do something nice e.g. sit outside and drink wine or go to the beach and play with the kids or . . drink gin on the beach.  We did that actually, last summer.  Drank gin on the beach.  In the rain.  In Wexford.  Divine.
I also have tinnitus which is an absolute pain in the sodding head.  You don't notice it so much during the day but at night?  God!!!  That noise!!!  That never ending shrieking noise.  Aaargh.  I have discovered though, thanks to Clodagh, that listening to something on earphones is good.  I was listening to this podcast by a man called James who, in 3 minutes, talks you asleep.  I quite liked him.  But I lost him.  So I went looking for a new chap to talk me asleep.  That's not going so well.  The first one is American and he whispers to you.  Which, I guess, is fine if you DON'T have tinnitus but it's fecking brutal if you do as you can't hear someone whispering.  
The other chap I found, well, he kind've scares the shit out of me.  Something vaguely scary about a man saying things like 'meditation is a shower for the mind!!'???  What?  Get out of my mind man.
In a desperate bid to find something that is white noise like I found rain.  Seriously!! You can download the sound of rain.  All sorts of rain storms as it turns out, I'll tell you about that later.  Therefore, last night, I went to bed with rain downloaded onto to my ipod and it was lovely.  Provided you kept your eyes closed and didn't focus on the windows - which I kept doing.  Something very disconcerting about hearing rain belting down on the house but having completely clear skies beyond the window.
Anyway, I was listening to the rain and the cars swishing by on wet streets (yes, it's that realistic) and I started remembering all my favourite rain moments.  Sitting in the hallway of the house I grew up in with our neighbours dog by my side as the rain bounced off the path just beyond the hall door.  Summertime if I remember correctly.
Then there was the date I had with Darren, one of the early ones, where we went to see some foreign language film, Italian - something about a women falling into tomatoes and getting pregnant - and, when we came out of the IFI, it was lashing.  I was so in love and so high with life I threw my umbrella in the bin.  Hey, it was Celtic Tiger days.  Brollies were ten a penny.
Singin' in the Rain, I know, I know, that's not about me but god, what a great rain scene.  Every time I see Gene Kelly do his big splashing thing in the puddle the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and HUGE shit  eating grin on my face.
Ah, the time the kids and I got caught in the rain and they were scared shitless, you can tell they've grown up with cars, Oscar was concinved he was going to melt.
Then there was the time myself and Darren met up in Herbert Park to feed the ducks.  We were living together in Inchicore at the time but were hardly seeing each other due to his working shift and me doing 12 hour days.  . . . . So, Herbert Park, duck feeding and it pissed down.  I mean, HAMMERED, down with rain.  But it was such fun.  We had to hunker under the trees to try and stay dry.  Just us and several dozen ducks who were all determined to get our bread.  Hahah, we then had to go home on my moped.
Easy, happy days.
My pal, Colette, bought me a gorgeous card of a little girl in a yellow raincoat kneeling beside a pond feeding the ducks.  I still have it framed, on the wall, and I can see it from here.  My favourite EVER rain memory is of Darren standing outside my house, in the lashings of ran with his ghetto blaster held high above his head playing 'In your eyes', sigh, love is, eh?  Oh, sorry, that wasn't Darren.  That was John Cusak.  Damn.
I love rain.
However!  It turns out when you download the sound of rain you should check to see that you have just downloaded a track of rain and swishy cars NOT several tracks that eventually turn into a tropical storm, chipanzees howling and thunder booming.  The rain last night scared the bejaysus how of me too

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