20 January, 2013

Choice and idiocy

I've written and rewritten this post several times today.  As I type I'm being hit on face book by people who believe in the sanctity of life but, unfortunately, not in the sanctity of mine.  Yup, I am being called a horrible baby killer again.  
All I did was say that I believe in choice.  I didn't slag anyone off, even though it would have been so easy to rip into the gobshites.  I said that I believe in choice, I believe in people (whose lives are very important) having a say in what happens in their own, personal,lives.  
I don't believe in the Death Penalty but, funnily enough, I would personally kill anyone who hurts one of mine.  I'm protective like that.  Actually, turns out I do believe in the Death Penalty.  For those who commit crimes against children.  For those who rape women.  For those who rape men.  For those who kill in the name of their God.
Fuck, turns out I am pro-death.  
Oh and another thing that is pissing me off about face book (because that is where I am currently being SHOUTED AT IN CAPITAL LETTERS and called such things as A MORON.  A BABY KILLER and EVIL) is this bullshit that is currently rife where you are requested to 'like' ridiculous posts.  They are the new chain letter aren't they? Several of the most recent examples:
  1. Like if you think rapists should hang.  Don't like if you think rape is a good thing???  Seriously?  Are you for fucking real?
  2. If this child gets a million likes s/he won't die of cancer!!  WHAT??  If s/he doesn't die of cancer it's because of the wonderfulness of modern medicine and the support team around the child.
  3. Like if you think this child is beautiful.  Child in question usually has Downs Syndrome or Cleft Palate or something.  Either way, being requested to like such a kid is highly insulting to that child.  All children are beautiful, to their parents, and that's enough.  Children are like farts, you can just about stand your own.
This one is just something that fascinates me:
To my darling husband/wife Happy Birthday my darling.  I love you so much.  You are the light at the end of my tunnel (phnar phnar), the salt to my pepper etc. etc. etc.  
Just turn over and give them a sodding kiss and tell them you love them. I always think the people who post the shite like that above are like the lady who 'doth protest too much'.  

But then, I would.  I'm a bitter baby killer. 

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